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Customized software solution
for IT management processes automation
based on the OMNITRACKER platform

Business executives:

quality of services and user satisfaction improving

Business users:

easy way to get support in any kind of service

IT managers:

resource management and optimization based on credible information

IT specialists:

rapid control of any kind of tasks





Request callback



Functional architecture



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OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE is already deployed by:







Beyond IT

OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE saves expenses by covering functions of several other applications

OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE helps to fulfill business tasks without sacrificing IT sphere

OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE creates a single point of contact for the employees, covering all possible issues

Scope of OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE application:

  • Administration
  • Human resource management
  • Document flow
  • Industrial processes management
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Production equipment management

Fast migration from other systems

Many companies have already improved their automation systems by migrating to OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE from the products like BMC Remedy, HP OpenView Service Desk, Naumen Service Desk, Microsoft System Center Service Manager…

Efface the boundaries:

  • lowest architecture limitations
  • supreme flexibility in the basis of the platform
  • independence from the external subcontractors: development can be realized in-house

Save costs:

  • lower development and maintenance expenses; considerably lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • one powerful system instead of several outdated ones
  • free migration to the new versions of the platform

Consolidate management functions:

  • unified performance rate recording of all the processes
  • single point of contact covering all the requests
  • effective coordination of IT development and IT operation

Based on powerful OMNITRACKER platform

  • Unified approach to data storage and management
  • Easily functionality transfer between stands
  • High performance
  • Backward compatibility of the platform and configuration
  • Work on weak communication channels
  • Scalability
  • Minimization of TCO (Total cost of ownership)





Innovative service portal

Modern and sophisticated interface that requires no web-development

Wide range of navigation tools

Facet navigation ensures easy search of necessary functions

Excellent searching capabilities

Instant search with highlighted matches and dynamic filters like in Yandex.Market

Context menus

Provide you opportunity to fulfill major operations without opening the objects

Requirements master

Helps the user to submit the requirement and fill in all the necessary fields, specific for this specific requirement

Contemporary design

Widgets, information presented in tiles, dynamic rearrangement of the page

Tools of requests management automation

Decrease the labor contribution of IT specialists for managing requirements

Developed jointly by
OMNINET and Cleverics

OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE is included into the list of standard OMNINET applications, available for deployment together with OMNITRACKER platform in Russia, CIS and EU.


Leading European provider of software for business processes automation. In the basis of OMNITRACKER platform development there is the expertise acquired from more than 110 deployments.
Russian leader in the spheres of IT management learning and consulting. In the basis of OMNITRACKER CleverENGINE there is the expertise acquired from more than 80 consulting projects.



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